Don’t overlook the shower kit when choosing your bathroom!

Having the right shower kit is essential when you think of “relaxation” in your bathroom!

Palazzani products by PierDeco are made in Italy using the most robust materials. They have been created to be perfectly ergonomic with the most inspirational designs. Our kits are available with many options and accessories to satisfy any need!

Your security is our prime concern. For this reason, our shower kits have thermostatic or pressure-balanced options! In addition, no-hot technology will ensure the shower faucet is maintained at room temperature, regardless of how long it is in use. Among our many features, including a showerhead on a height-adjustable track, a massaging waterfall, body jets, a handheld showerhead, etc., there are so many possibilities for you to let your desires run free!

Do you have a question about installation or perhaps a different issue? PierDeco will take care of everything for you! Our service department will delight in resolving your concerns within 24 hours!

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