Palazzani ceramica is a part of the Palazzani range of products, which has built a reputation for high-end quality over several decades.

Palazzani ceramica sinks, shower trays and toilets are manufactured from high quality Italian porcelain that combines the natural properties of clay, kaolin, quartz and dolomite to create a stylish and hardwearing bathroom with high-performance materials that exceed expectations for superior quality.

  • Strong, hardwearing and durable for high-performance, long-lasting bathrooms.
  • Smooth surface for a simple yet luxurious look that’s easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Biocompatible ceramics, pleasant to touch and hypoallergenic for the comfort of the whole family.
  • Light-resistant coloring that won’t turn yellow for a bathroom that retains its beauty indefinitely.

Palazzani ceramica toilets and sinks have proved themselves over time, which is why PierDeco is delighted to offer these products that combine manufacturing excellence and quality with contemporary, luxurious style.


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