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With over 30 years of experience in top-of-the-line bathrooms, the outstanding quality of our products sets us apart. The name PierDeco is synonymous with refinement and excellence. As pioneers in the latest trends in bathroom equipment, we’re constantly searching for products that seamlessly combine ergonomics and innovation. Offering you upscale, stylish, and functional shower systems is our priority.

With our Canadian or Italian shower columns, you can invite the therapeutic benefits of the spa into your house. Our powerful massaging showers relax you and strengthen your body, while our shower heads adapt to your desires: adjustable body jets, massage jets, waterfall or drizzle-effect jets… there’s something for every taste! No detail is left to chance when it comes to immersing yourself in a relaxing atmosphere and taking care of yourself. The comfort and safety of your system are guaranteed with thermostatic taps and balanced pressure or no-hot technology.

We take our mission to heart in order to make your bathroom a wellness area that lives up to your expectations. We manufacture and distribute the most powerful bathroom equipment, in the aim of offering you the very best on the market. If you want to transform your bathroom into an idyllic place where refinement goes hand in hand with perfect ergonomics, the top-quality products from PierDeco are made for you.

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